Vegan Freakshakes

  • Vegan Freakshakes at The Canvas Cafe
  • Avocado and dark chocolate freakshake
  • Raspberry and coconut freakshake
  • Canvas owner Ruth Rogers with a vegan freakshake

The milkshake / cake phenomena that are Freakshakes have arrived at The Canvas Cafe! Not only are they vegan and gluten-free, they also have your inner happiness at heart. 

Each gorgeous freakshake made at The Canvas Cafe is made from scratch in our kitchen.

Our homemade ice cream is created with coconut milk and bananas, which we blend with almond milk to create our scrumptious milkshake.  Ask for soya milk.

Then, we take a raw, vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free homemade cake - you'll see raspberry / beetroot, coconut / matcha, and chocolate / avocado.  The raw base of each cake is made with dates and nuts.

This cake sits on top of whipped coconut milk, and is topped with a variety of flavour-filled sauces such as cranberry / raspberry, homemade vegan nutella, and chopped pistachios.

Our ingredients are purposefully chosen to be fresh and healthy; most of the sugars in our freakshakes are natural, and our flavours include avocado, coconut and raspberry.

Come and try London's first vegan freakshakes at London's first Happy Cafe.