• Veganuary at The Canvas Brick Lane

Working alongside our chef Tegan the Vegan, The Canvas launched as 100% vegan in January aka #Veganuary. With weekly events throughout January, offering new vegans the chance to get advice and tips on their new diet, plus a personal service from all our vegan chefs who will be on hand to help answer any questions, The Canvas will be the most approachable and accessible space for vegans old and new.

If everyone in the world became vegan, the world’s food-related emissions would drop by 70% by 2050. It's one of the most positive form of activism we can take as individuals to benefit the future of our planet, and The Canvas feels that's definitely something to embrace.

At The Canvas this Veganuary, we're offering something completely unique - a personal service for all you new vegans. Our chefs will take the time to listen to you, and help with any questions and concerns you have, plus we've scheduled regular events throughout the month to keep you motivated.

When Canvas chef Tegan became a vegan five years ago, she says she desperately needed people to tell her it would be OK: "I want The Canvas to be the place I needed back then; it was really hard - I missed cheese! I want to help others realise they can do it too, like I did!"

Tegan has created a brand new menu of delicious vegan treats, including a pulled jackfruit sandwich with sweet potato fries and vegan slaw / 'meatball' marinara sub with fries / not-chicken escalope sandwich with fries and salad, which will be available from 3rd January.

Plus we have an exclusive book signing event with Fat Gay Vegan himself!

Don't miss our events this month, and remember; if you're trying veganism and are struggling, we're open from 11am weekdays and 10am at the weekend and you are welcome to drop in and talk to us!