Museum of Happiness: Singing Lessons: Free

Tue 21/03/2017 19:00 to 20:30

Nestled by our garden at The Canvas Cafe is the world's first permanent Museum of Happiness, which hosts a pay-it-forward event every evening for our community.

Calling all Happiness fans! 

We are a group of people that want to spread the art and science of happiness! 

What is the Museum of Happiness? 

We are a project offering physical spaces for people to explore the art and science of happiness in a fun and reflective way.

Where is the Museum of Happiness? 

The Museum of Happiness is at The Canvas Cafe in Shoreditch! The Museum opened in June 2016 and you are also welcome to visit the space when we're open. It's open pretty much every day apart from Mondays. So come along to any workshops or pop-up events that appeal to you.

What about your cool pop-up events and other stuff?: If you want to know about our other happy events, you need to sign up to our email list here.

Pay-it-forward: Most of our events are gifted to you in the spirit of 'pay-it-forward'. That means, someone has paid for the rent so you can use the space and the teacher has gifted their time and travel expense to share happiness with you. So, now it's your turn! You're invited to keep the chain of generosity going! Gift your time to a neighbour or friend. Give a call to someone in need. Help out a work colleague with a project. Buy a cup of tea for your teacher. Whatever you choose, make sure you're happy doing so - that's the whole point. :-) And if you'd be so kind as to let us know what you did, however you choose to share, that would make us very happy!

Special Offer: If you attend one of our meetup events, show your RSVP to the Canvas Cafe staff and get a hot drink for just £1.50!

Sign up for events at our MeetUp group.