Storytelling at The Canvas Cafe: Free

Sun 30/04/2017 17:00 to 19:00

Welcome to Story Telling at The Canvas. A monthly event of story telling for all and by all who come along.

The deal is - all, or most, who attend come prepared to tell a story no longer than 10 minutes. The story must be told, not read. Could be a personal story, a myth, fairytale, folktale, ghost story, legend, old, new - whatever. Story tellers should think how they'd like the audience in relation to them - examples: end on, horse shoe, in the round, scattered so you can walk among them, with their eyes closed, in the dark etc etc.
Come when you can - no need to commit to each one.
Coffee, tea, booze and bites can be bought at the bar.
Come and enjoy the adventures - who knows where they'll take us.