Present...Tense? : Free

Sun 19/11/2017 11:00 to 19:00

PRESENT…TENSE? is an exhibition curated and presented by Ma Wing-yin, Winnie from Hong Kong. By sharing the stories of six Hongkongers through collage arts, visitors are encouraged to give a moment for themselves to face their inner feelings and to live in the present moment.



Time always passes so fast that we do not even have a moment to recognise or reflect on such happenings, at present...


“The Bag & The Collage” - are the medium to express feelings.

“To Think of A Word”- is a process for us to face our feelings.


Winnie started a project six years ago, asking people to describe someone they treasure with one word, it could be a family member, a lover, a friend, or even themselves.  With that particular word in mind, She then designed a bag for each of those lucky ones.  Even that might just be a one-minute spent on searching for that word, it is a rare opportunity for us to really think about your relationship with this precious someone and face your honest feelings.   


This year, Winnie started the sequel of the project.  By asking people to describe this special someone with one word again, each word inspired her to create a piece of collage art.  After all these years, has the relation been evolving into the next level, or it was unfortunately ended? Has it turned out to be what you expected?


Whether it is sadness, happiness or simply serenity, we should open ourselves to feel the moment, to feel our inner selves, as it crafts a unique memory.


PRESENT…TENSE? was previously on display in The Cat Street Gallery in Hong Kong.


In the end of the exhibition, visitors are invited to give themselves a moment to THINK OF A WORD to describe themselves.  They can choose to write the words on the cards provided and to take the cards home.  If they wish, they could add their names and addresses on the envelopes provided and put them in the collection box in the exhibition.  Winnie would send the cards back to them after one year.  Hopefully the cards would recall some of their foregone memories and to remind them to live in the moment.