Revolting Vegans Supper Club

Revolting Vegans
Revolting Vegans Supper Club
Traversing a conversation of wastefulness, evaluating our human imprint, through an immersive 6 course plant based menu.

We are living in crisis: Our planet is dehydrated, exhausted and suffocating.

Over 1/3 of all food production globally goes to waste and less than a quarter of that wasted food could feed the world’s hungry - all one billion of them.

It’s time we take a stand, hand in hand, with each other, with all life, with the planet. For without them, we are not at all...


Joined by special guests for an evening of Revolting Waste, we bring important conversations about our relationship to food, the global food crisis and the social, political and environmental context of food and its provenance to the table.

Through an immersive 6 course plant based menu, Revolting Vegans will traverse a conversation of wastefulness through each course; evaluating our human imprint from a global, local and personal perspective.

Investigating notions of impact and antidote through playful explorations, we strive for a more delicious future.


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