Social, Book Club & Unlocking Your Confidence

Book club
Social, Book Club & Unlocking Your Confidence
This is a Book-club with a twist. I want to create a relaxed space for you to come along to; to support you to grow, love yourself and create the life you want (and deserve!!).

The Book of choice for our second get together is by the amazing Rachel Hollis – Girl Wash Your Face. 

Join Carly Ann for two Hours of Book Club, Personal Development, fun, meeting like-minded people & Creating the Life You Want.

This is a space for women in London, looking to surround themselves with a positive influences and people.  After all, you know what they say? You become like the 5 people you spend the most time with...

With the aim of combining several factors that contribute to our happiness (Connection, Learning, Hobbies, Trying Something New and having a Coach), I am bringing my newest project to The Canvas Café – Honestly this place is one of my favourite spaces to hold an event.

Here is what your evening will look like:

19:00-19:20  Social and Meet each other - This café has a seriously relaxed atmosphere and it is the perfect space to meet people with similar interests and that are also feeling on the edge of positive change. People always feedback that it is hard to meet people in London, I hope this is a space where you can meet people that being a positive vibe into your life - don't worry if this feels you with dread, I have some fun prompts for us.

19:20-20:10 Book Club - We will explore the latest personal development Book we have been reading and share our main take-aways. Prior to the night, I will send you round the questions so you have some time to think about it.

20:10-20:45 Coaching by Carly Ann - Each week I will end the night with half an hour of discussion and coaching on a topic designed to help you live a fuller, happier life. I will provide you will tool for you to go away and practice. You will be given a work-book and it will provide the opportunity for you to put your monthly goals on to paper – for extra accountability, I will add you to my private Facebook Group and you can share your goals there too. The best bit, we will check in with each other at the Next Book Club in October - yay to that extra push for living our best life.

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