Story Jam

Story Jam
Story Jam
Part of Friday Night Owls - our late night Friday Performance series!

What is Story Jam?

We do storytelling. Not out of a book, or learned from a script. Our Story Jam nights are not for children. Definitely not for children.

Ok, you might hear ‘Once Upon a Time but if there is a princess she’ll be wielding an axe, or ruling an empire with an iron fist. If she is snogging a frog, prepare for it to sensationally steamy. The dead will walk and the gods will be unjust. Do not expect to be patronized or infantilized, just listen and enjoy. It’s like comedy, cabaret, or theatre. That simple. 

The stories that you will see and hear from the stage, are still being told because they are powerful and moving and relevant but most of all they are entertaining. We want you to be shaken, stirred, provoked, comforted and intrigued. 

Lucy and Alys programme and compere the nights to be pacey, theatrical, welcoming and adventurous. Come once, and we reckon you’ll soon be back for more. 

This night is part of FRIDAY NIGHT OWLS, The Canvas' women-led live performance night. Join us every Friday for a show at 7:30pm, with our bar open until 11pm. For more info, here's our Facebook page.

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