Toe Dippers Storytelling Workshop

Story Jam
Toe Dippers Storytelling Workshop
Want to tell stories but not quite sure where to start? Why should the kids have all the fun!

Come dip your toes in the wonderful world of storytelling for an afternoon of fun, playful activities designed to unleash your creativity and help you confidently grab your listener by the ears. Story Jam runs these one-off workshops for anyone interested in the craft of oral storytelling. We aim to challenge, tickle, stretch, relax and refresh you, and leave you with a smile on your faces and your imaginations fizzing and buzzing.

We've met all sorts of inquisitive playful people at Toe Dipper workshops - just-thought-I-woulders, not-sure-yeters, teachers, writers, anthropologists, story loving office workers, artists, musicians, students, just-trying-it-outers... New friends get made and sometimes new people found to work with.Very importantly... We always book somewhere with a bar and kitchen attached, for cake and coffee and post-workshop snifters. So we’ll be here at our favourite funky venue, The Canvas. After all, we’re inviting you to come play with us on a Saturday afternoon, and Saturday afternoons have a way of turning into Saturday evenings...

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