We've enabled the launch of over 100 new ideas to London since opening in 2014. Read about some of the amazing projects we've supported here.
  • Double Helpings with Gilbert and George
    Double Helpings with Gilbert + George

    Double Helpings with Gilbert + George for The Canvas Cafe 

    A wonderful plate for you, an essential plateful for others

    These plates have been created by our neighbours, the artists Gilbert & George. The money raised from selling them will help us continue our work at The Canvas Cafe, a social enterprise in East London that feeds the homeless and supports grassroots community projects.

    Order your plate here


  • Mad Poets Speak
    Mad Poets Speak
    A poetry night launched at The Canvas and run by and for those experiencing mental distress: “One of the first things that people say to me when I host Mad Poets Speak is how much they love the Canvas. They appreciate the warmth, the inspiration, the ethos of the place; they feel safe here.” – Louisa Harvey, Mad Poets Speak.
    Mad Poets Speak Facebook Page
  • Juliette Burton's Happy Hour at The Canvas
    Juliette Burton's Happy Hour
    Happy Hour is a comedy night run by mental-health champion Juliette Burton, providing a supportive evening for those struggling. Now part of Friday Night Owls, and performed on the last Friday of each month, it launched at The Canvas in 2015.
    Juliette Burton's Facebook page
  • Museum of Happiness
    The Museum of Happiness
    Residents at The Canvas Community Hub July '16-July '17. “Without their support, we may still have been doing pop-up events and struggling to build a community. The Canvas is providing a space for the local community to connect with others, experience kindness and boost their wellbeing and resilience.” - Shamash Alidina, founder of Musuem of Happiness
    Museum of Happiness at Arlington House
  • Action for Happiness
    Action for Happiness course
    A now UK-wide 8-week course started its life in our Creative Venue in 2015. "The Canvas is a hub of happiness and an inspiring example of how a community venue can boost local wellbeing, enhance social cohesion, encourage kindness and transform people's lives." Mark Williamson, Director of Action for Happiness.
    The Action for Happiness course is now run nationwide
  • Mike's Table social enterprise
    Mike's Table
    Mike’s Table launched with 4 events at The Canvas in 2016, and has provided restaurant-quality service and meals for 70 refugees and service users: “The initial meeting with The Canvas was a major turning point in Mike's Table history and made it possible for us to begin our journey.” – Louise Holstein, Mike’s Table.
    Mike's Table is now a thriving social enterprise
  • Shoreditch Dog House at The Canvas
    Shoreditch Dog House
    Shoreditch Dog House employ and train local women in specialised dog care. Caroline and her team, plus the gorgeous pups, were residents at The Canvas Community Hub from Sept '17-March '18.
    Shoreditch Dog House's website
  • Mindfulness World at The Canvas
    Mindfulness World

    Mindfulness World is a not for profit group. A group of like minded people who have a common interest in mindfulness and the practice of mindfulness. Garvey Harris, a trauma psychotherapist, mindfulness practitioner and teacher of mindfulness, runs regular free workshops for our community in our Hub space.

  • Connected By Humanity at The Canvas
    Connected By Humanity
    Richard created Connected By Humanity as an annual event in 2016. Since March 2018, they have been monthly residents in The Canvas Creative Venue, and this open mic night focused on human connection is growing beautifully.
    Connected By Humanity's Facebook Page
  • Dear Diary at The Canvas
    Dear Diary
    Now part of Friday Night Owls and performed on the first Friday of every month, Dear Diary started its life at The Canvas in 2016.
    Dear Diary's Facebook Page
  • artBLAB at The Canvas

    ArtBLAB runs regularly at The Canvas, and is an evening of talks about art and its whereabouts, allowing guests to discover the processes and works of 5 ground-breaking artists, from up-and-coming young designers to established poets.

  • Raining Sessions at The Canvas
    Raining Session with London Mental Health Group

    1 in 10 young people have mental health issues. And countless feel constant pressure from society, their families, friends and themselves, to continuously excel and be happy. Rain on Me runs regular events at The Canvas to tell you that you are not alone in this and we know what you’re going through.

  • Laugh or Cry Comedy at The Canvas for Friday Night Owls
    Laugh or Cry Comedy
    Laugh or Cry is now part of Friday Night Owls and is performed on the second Friday of each month. It started its life at The Canvas in 2017.
    To The Moon theatre company, producers of Laugh or Cry
  • Fat Macy's supper clubs
    Fat Macy's
    Launched at The Canvas in 2015 with a summer residency: "Fat Macy's was born at The Canvas - having phoned and emailed different venues across London, The Canvas was the first place to get behind the idea and believe in us.” – Meg Doherty, founder Fat Macy’s. The 9 launch events hosted at The Canvas gave 4 chefs living in sheltered accommodation enough capital in their housing schemes to place deposits down for private accommodation.
    Fat Macy's now have their own premises in Peckham
  • Write My Blurb at The Canvas
    Write My Blurb
    Write My Blurb launched in 2018 as part of Friday Night Owls and is performed on the 3rd Friday of every month. The night is run by Eleanor Westbrook and Francine Dulong, both team members at The Canvas.
    Write My Blurb is part of Friday Night Owls at The Canvas